Welcome to Triad Counseling. 

Triad Counseling Centers prides itself on focusing on each client as an individual, making personalized patient care our priority. No matter the reason that you are walking into Triad, we want to ensure that your experience is everything that you expect it to be. From individualized plans to meet your financial needs, our partnerships with many insurance carriers, our commitment to advocacy and resources, and connected care with your other treatment providers – Triad Counseling wants you to know that you are at the center of all that we do!


Our Services

Psychology Patient
Individual Therapy

Triad Counseling Centers focuses their outpatient mental health counseling to meet your specific needs.. We tailor our methods to fit you and your life to ensure that all of the work that we do together is in line with your wellness journey.

Couple Staying Home
Couples/Family Therapy

Often our journey in therapy is intertwined with others. Couple and family therapy can help structure family dynamics, blended families, estranged families and couples in any stage of their relationship. 

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